DPM Barrel Shroud
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  1. Zoomee
    Zoomee Member
    Does any one know a good way to remove the barrel shroud from a cut receiver stub.  That thing is really on there.
    Zoomee, 2019-03-16 07:07:16 -05:00
  2. Bryan
    Bryan Administrator Staff Member Decatur

    remove the flat head screw, place the receiver stub in a vise, put a 5/8" diameter piece of steel in the gas tube so you don't colapses it, then put a wrench on the outside of the shroud close to the receiver with the gas tube closest to the wrench body, and give it a good yank counter-clock-wise.  It'll come loose.  Like an old co-worker used to say, "you have to suprize it!"   Good luck.
    Bryan, 2019-03-18 21:10:53 -05:00
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