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  1. junglewalk
    junglewalk Member Radcliff, next to Ft.Knox.
    .....The FG-42  that you guys make, from what I can see, is an exciting gun...........Right now, I am sitting , hopefully, on the waiting list for an 8mm version.
    ........I have read all I can on your site, about the gun, but have a particular question.
    ...~~~Your guidance to shoot only factory commercial ammo in the gun?.......Some of us reloaders, are very particular about our reloads, sometimes showing more attention to detail than some of the commercial manufacturers out there, especially some of those over-seas ammo companies...........You stressing the use of only commercial ammo, is it because of liability reasons? (other than the thickness of the case rim issue you have outlined)
    .....just asking....thanks....bh
    junglewalk, 2019-03-08 08:58:45 -06:00
  2. Bryan
    Bryan Administrator Staff Member Decatur
    Yes, if you use commercial production ammo and have an issue that destroys the gun because of the ammo, the ammo company will usually stand behind repairs.   We of course, warranty against manufacturing defects and will cover repairs on those.  Military surplus from all over the world and reloads, void the warranty.  This is because, we cannot possibly cover damage that is not our fault from a defect in our product.  Whether from a mil surp squib round or a re-loader accidentally using pistol powder, we can't prevent these issues and will NOT cover damage from these issues.I hope I have answered you fully.  Just know, using reloads, no matter how careful you are or military surplus, voids your firearms warranty permanently.
    Bryan, 2019-03-08 13:47:13 -06:00
  3. junglewalk
    junglewalk Member Radcliff, next to Ft.Knox.
    .....With the ammo manufacturer standing behind their ammo, this makes sense....I would never use any surplus rounds or reloaded rounds in surplus cases either........I do have a good stock of commercial 8mm,(Win/Rem) and this gun is what it has been waiting for...(25 yrs)....thanks Bryan
    junglewalk, 2019-03-08 14:47:03 -06:00
  4. junglewalk
    junglewalk Member Radcliff, next to Ft.Knox.
    .....a couple of questions:> while waiting on the FG-42 waiting list, I have looked all over for a MAS-36 bayonet with no luck.........also, where would you point me to a source for the ZF4 scope and mount for the FG42?......
    .....I see that 'At The Front' out of Columbia, Ky (Rollin Curtis) has the correct FG sling for the gun, when in stock.........
    .....and a few spare ZB magazines, would be good too, when locating a source; so far have no luck, but the MG Shoot will be here at Knob Creek, 12-13 April, and maybe we'll have some luck here.
    junglewalk, 2019-04-03 08:02:00 -05:00
  5. Bryan
    Bryan Administrator Staff Member Decatur

    For a reproduction bayonet and scope mount, contact Estes Adams at sigman@runbox.com.  The ZF4 scope, I think can be had here:https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1290130

    or here:http://waffenmeisters.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=83&product_id=68

    sling, I don't know and on mags, they are drying up a bit.  Get em when you can find them on gunbroker, or maybe here:http://www.deactivated-guns.co.uk/militaria/wwii-nazi-marked-zb26-/-30-magazines/prod_6264.html?review=write

    Hope this helps!
    Bryan, 2019-04-05 23:26:31 -05:00
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