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  1. MotoG5
    MotoG5 Member
    The new forum is a great idea. Glad to see this starting up and looking forward to being able to exchange ideas and questions on building. SMG is for me the number one place for parts and support for these very unique and intresing guns. Top quality parts and hard to find items made available and now getting in touch made much easier. Big thanks Brian!
    MotoG5, 2018-12-19 16:30:29 -06:00
  2. Bryan
    Bryan Administrator Staff Member Decatur
    Thank you for the kind words and support.  We are hopefull about the usefulness of this.
    Bryan, 2018-12-20 09:09:51 -06:00
  3. Jason Chaplin
    Jason Chaplin Member Lodi, WI
    I just saw the notice to join here. I think it will build with time. Maybe each person with a build can start a thread on it with pics to post progress or description of what was done. SMG is doing a DPM for me. My welding skill is non-existent as is my milling so to not risk screwing up a very nice rifle I have deferred to the professionals. Other things I have no issue with, crushing rivets for AKs, throwing together a Suomi or Uzi or AR or FAL, all simple compared to the DPM. And I want it to work.
    Jason Chaplin, 2019-02-06 17:13:38 -06:00
  4. Bryan
    Bryan Administrator Staff Member Decatur
    We're hoping for people to use this for the reasons you state.  Build progress could be neat.  Thanks for the compliments, we try to make sure our stuff works and fix it when it does not.
    Bryan, 2019-02-07 00:12:21 -06:00
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  5. MotoG5
    MotoG5 Member

    Hey Jason,
    Hope more folks start talking here. I have presently compled one DPM build. I used SMG's reciever, new replacement barrel and had them modify my lower to semi auto using the kit installed at thier facility. Like you I am not a machineist. The rest of the work I did at home. 
    I am now working on building a second DPM but this time I am rewelding and modifying a reciver from sections from the kit I purchased for the first build and a few sections sorced on line. As I used the complete barrel shroud from the first kit to complete the first rifle I found and bought a second cut shrould and will be rewelding it for the present project. I am again using a lower modified by SMG and one of the replacement barrels as before. Diffrence this time is doing my own rec and shrould. Rest of the parts are from a partial kit from another builder. 
    As soon as I get a few things fixed with my Photobucket account, for about the fourth time, I will post a pic of the finished rifle and some of the rec and shrould for the current project ready for welding. I managed to run down a DP-28 rec that had only been cut at the front end and at the rear leaving the middle section that has the interuped barrel threads and locking flap area intact. I have a clean front section with the shroud threads and barrel release to mate with it. This way I will only have to do two welds to complete the rec and won't have to do a third weld in the critical locking area. I have had to do quite a bit o repair on the rear area as the cutting torch did a bit of a number there but its coming along nicely. More to follow as time and photobucket allow. :)
    MotoG5, 2019-02-07 00:48:23 -06:00
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  6. Jason Chaplin
    Jason Chaplin Member Lodi, WI
    I was chatting with Rick for awhile after I sent my kit in. I wasn't sure when you were doing another group of these so some time has passed since we last talked. Is there a number or email I should use to find out progress on the build? Also, if a random brand new barrel shows up, it's likely mine. I sent mine to you to have the gas block installed and stupid USPS delivered an empty tube. I get occasional e-mails telling me they are still looking. I put on the report if found to send it on to you which was the original intent. I want to pay on it or something because I know it won't be cheap. Jason Chaplin
    Jason Chaplin, 2019-02-07 20:48:55 -06:00
  7. Bryan
    Bryan Administrator Staff Member Decatur

    I'll watch out for the random barrel.  As there is only 4 of us here currently, we don't have an office staff for updates, general questions, etc.  That was one of the reasons for this forum.  We are currently half way through the modifications on everyone's parts.  So about 1 to 1-1/2 weeks to finish parts mods, then another 2-3 weeks for assembly, bench test, strip-down, blue, re-assemble and test fire.

    Bryan, 2019-02-07 21:15:17 -06:00
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