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  1. Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith Administrator Staff Member
    If you have one of our FG42-2 rifles, please share your experiences here and let us and everyone else know what you think!  We can also answer questions you may have about your firearm and by answering you here, allows others to see the responses as well.
    Bryan Smith, 2019-08-16 08:01:26 -05:00
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  2. Michael
    Michael Member
    I absolutely love my FG42-2. Only issues I've had are magazine related. Some of my mags that I have purchased over the years have a tendency to tilt. If I could get anti tilt followers for zb30 magazines, I would buy them in a heart beat. I suppose I could try my hand at 3d printing one but I'm not the best at CAD.
    Michael, 2020-05-26 14:51:51 -05:00
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  3. Jim Collins
    Jim Collins Member
    Same here.  Great shooting rifle: when I zeroed it fired a group of three, made the correction and the next group spot on at 100m.  But yes I get misfeeds that are most likely mag-related.  I did get the new recoil spring, so we'll see if that helps as well.
    Jim Collins, 2020-07-05 16:18:14 -05:00
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