.308 FG42 on Gunbroker on 6-08-19
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  1. Rick Smith
    Rick Smith Moderator Staff Member
    The .308 rifle pictured below was finished to mimic a original rifle that was a combination of black paint, blued, and parked parts. The buyer had to opt out at the last minute so, since the finish did not meet that of anyone else on the waiting list we decided to auction it off. 

        This combinatin of black cerekote on the receiver, lower trigger housing, and front sight base also gave us an opportunity to show future type I buyers what that rifle might look like with black paint/cerekote against a blued barrel like the original type I's were done. On the type I the gas block was also painted black but on this rifle the original type II we were modeling had a parked gas block so this gas block was parked to match.


    These pictures give better detail of the rifle for sale.
    Rick Smith, 2019-06-04 15:51:59 -05:00
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