RP46 Belt Feeder Attachment

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We are now shipping!!!  Be sure to get yours as we may not do these again in the future!!!

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We are now shipping the RP46 belt fed set up for the DP series.

All parts are machined from US made steel and heat treated just like the original.  These will allow your DP-28 or DPM to feed from PKM belts without any modification to your rifle!  Simply snap on out belt feeder, replace your flash cone with our booster, and start using belts!

Items included for the $1495.00 price:

1) belt feeder device

2) booster cone made to look like original flash hider

3) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!! ONCE THESE SELL OUT, WE MAY NOT GET MORE!!!:  One 100round PKM belt with starter tab newly manufactured

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RP46 Belt Feeder Attachment

Purchased a DPM from SMG years ago and it has performed excellent ever since. Recently picked up their RP46 belt Attachment. Had a chance to take it out and run a few belts through it. Worked perfect. Adds to the experience of the DPM. I did purchase a polish surplus belt loader which makes loading the belts a breeze. Wonderful accessory to a great rifle.


Excellent Overall Quality

I love it! It'll be awhile before I can shoot with it (I've installed the firing pin plug, but haven't yet machined my lower for the FCG). The overall quality is great, the machining is superb, as well as the blueing. There is a very tight fit, I had to partially disassemble the lower the get the magazine latch to close. This, I understand, is necessary for proper function, so don't be discouraged.

Another thing you'll notice is the non-radius edges. I have never seen an original RP-46 belt feed mechanism, so I can't speak for the correctness of the sharp edges. I managed to cut my thumb within minutes of handling. Be aware of this and handle it with smooth thoughtful motions and you'll be fine.

The next thing I noticed was the sight picture. With the rear sight set below 700M the front post becomes less visible. Since I've never shot mine, I don't know at present if this is actually will affect the sight picture or not. Test your's and let me everyone know.

Overall, I love it! I adds a minimum 175% cool factor to your heavy range toy!

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RP46 Belt Feeder Attachment

RP46 Belt Feeder Attachment

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